The vast Serengeti is one of the most stunning wildlife sanctuaries on the planet. The name comes from the Maasai “Siringet” referring to endless plains. This vast Savannah hosts the world’s largest surviving concentration of plains game. In addition to the short grass plains there are beautiful rocky out-cropping called kopjes (pronounced copies) and thousands of acres of bush and acacia woodland. The Seronera area has permanent water and therefore is an excellent area to spot the big cats and elephant in the dry season.

This is home to the “Great Migration” where millions of antelopes and zebras traverse an area of 14,764 sq kilometres (5,700 sq miles) ranging from the Masai Mara in Kenya in the northeast, almost to the shores of Lake Victoria in the west and down to the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater in the south. The movement of the herds is driven by the rains which result in water and food for the grazers who in turn are hunted by the resident predators.