Macho Halisi’s offices are situated on the Kudu Lodge compound, in the Crater Highland town of Karatu. Karatu is a typical small and sometimes slightly dusty town, home mostly to the Iraqw tribe, a Nilotic people spread throughout the Karatu District as far as Hanang, Mbulu and Babati. In the past few years due to the upswing in tourism to Tanzania, Karatu has become an important hub on the northern safari circuit.

Ideally situated within driving distance to the gate of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Lake Eyasi and Tarangire National Park, Karatu is a perfect base for a safari. The people in town are friendly and a walk around will get you familiar with life in Tanzania. The local shops and marketplaces are easily accessible.

Besides the Iraqw, nearby are communities of Maasai, Datoga (or Baribaig) and the last remaining bushmen in east Africa, the Hadzaabe. We can arrange village visits to any of these tribes.

The area is a vibrant and important farming centre and there are many large and small farms and plantations around. Besides local truck farming of vegetables for the local markets and beyond there are large wheat fields, bean and corn and many coffee plantations. In fact, the Karatu area is one of the largest coffee producing areas in Tanzania so be sure to try some and take some home with you!


  • Take a walk into town
  • Walk down a country road
  • Enjoy a cultural tour
  • Visit a tribal village
  • Game drive in a nearby National Park
  • Hike in the Ngorongoro Forest
  • Visit a homestead
  • Visit a farm or coffee plantation
  • Shop in town
  • Do some mountain biking