Mt Meru is Kilimanjaro’s “little sister”, still among the highest peaks in Africa. It’s a shorter climb and still quite challenging. The views of Meru from the top are stunning. You need to be in very good shape to attempt this climb.

Tanzania’s second highest mountain ripples with a velvet green texture and her tip is often shrouded in an ethereal mist. Although not as high as Kilimanjaro, she is a steep and treacherous mountain and hikers will need to travel with an armed guard to keep the claws and teeth of the local wildlife away.

For those who want to acclimatise before tackling the weight of Kilimanjaro – then Meru can be the perfect bridge to cross. Soaring above the landscape, the Arusha National Park is the gateway to Mount Meru which offers plenty of chance to witness local wildlife. Hike through the mist of mysterious waterfalls, climb over tangled rainforest ravines, and let a chorus of exotic birds be the soundtrack to your climb.


Wander alpine deserts, watch the cloud move beneath your feet, and gaze in awe at the volcanic cones and steam hisses from this ancient volcano. As the crowds will be tackling the beast of Kilimanjaro you may find that you have Meru all to yourself.