Driving in the parks is only allowed between 6am and 6 pm

Do not exceed 50km/h and no more than 25km/h in the Ngorongoro Crater

Camping is permitted only in designated sites

In the Ngorongoro Crater, picnicking is allowed only at designated sites

Wild animals always have the right of way

Keep to the authorized tracks, there is a fine for off-road driving


Do not disturb or harass the wildlife in any way. Radios and cassette/CD players are forbidden. Please do not imitate animal’s sounds, clap, pound on vehicle or hoot. Do not throw objects to attract animal’s attention

Do not leave litter in the area; keep your waste in the vehicle until it can be properly disposed at your lodge or camp


Do not smoke whilst on game drive and always dispose of cigarettes carefully while at camp. Burning cigarettes can start a wild fire causing damage to vegetation and suffering to wildlife and people

Do not light or cause fire to be lit. If camping, be sure to extinguish your fire carefully


Never feed animals at your hotel or in the wild. It will upset their diet and lead to an unnecessary dependence on people

Do not pick, cut or destroy any vegetation or remove any object of biological interest, including eggs, bones and trophies


All visitors must remain in their vehicle within 200 meters of any game animal. Leaving the vehicle in the parks is forbidden except in designated places.

iscourage your driver from approaching the animals too close (25 meters). Lions, cheetahs and leopards are especially nervous; a vehicle can hinder their hunting or make them leave a hard-earned meal. Your driver may be banned from the area and/or lose his job


Domestic pets are forbidden in the parks

Leave wild areas undisturbed by not leaving or removing anything, animate or inanimate.Our eco-system depends on a very delicate balance. The less we disturb it the longer we can enjoy it.

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