Ask anyone who’s been on a safari and they’ll most likely start talking about their guide. Your guide can make or break the experience and we pride ourselves in our wonderful guides. Every one of our loyal guides is with us for the long term and some started with us in the beginning. All of them speak fluent English and have studies at the college level. They are dedicated and enthusiastic naturalist, one and all and are the backbone of Macho Halisi.

Dawson Minja

1Owner and company founder Dawson Minja is passionate about Tanzania, tourism and Karatu. Although not from the surrounding tribe, he grew up in Karatu and fell in love with a local girl, cementing his commitment to the area. He’s shown great vision in creating Kudu Lodge and Macho Halisi Safari Company and when not hard at work in his office he enjoys relaxing and watching sports on TV. He lives in Karatu with his wife, one daughter and two boys and is looking forward to welcoming you to Tanzania.

Very Johannes 

6Very was born into the Chaga tribe in Moshi, near Kilimanjaro. He moved to Karatu to attend Endorofta Secondary School. He was fortunate in obtaining an American sponsor for his naturalist and tourism training at a professional tour guiding school. After completing his training he returned to Karatu and joined our company in 2004. Very is quite personable and loves to be on safari where he delights in the ugliness of the hyena and in finding the huge nest of the hammerkop.

Herry Temba

2Also hailing from the Chaga tribe in the Kilimanjaro region. He attended primary school in Moshi and secondary school in Arusha, graduating in 1995. Growing up near the remote border with Kenya piqued his interest in the bush. He attended Tropical College to become a driver-guide in 2005. His favourite animal is the defassa waterbuck and the love bird tops his list of birds. His goal is to climb Kilimanjaro; he loves traveling, the Chelsea football team and he delights in sharing the wilderness and culture of Tanzania with his guests

Rama Mkali

4Rama is from the region around Dodoma. He attended primary school in Karatu and secondary school in Babati. His ambition to study as a tour guide comes from following in the footsteps of his father. He graduated from Mt Meru College, Arusha in 2004 and has worked for Macho Halisi ever since. He really enjoys his work and his favourite park is nearby Lake Manyara. He enjoys the challenge of locating leopard for his guests (no small task and not always accomplished!) and his favourite bird is the rufus-tailed weaver. He loves exchanging ideas with our visitors and in his down time he watches football (soccer) and animal planet on TV.

Isaya Emmanuel

3Isaya comes from Singida where he went to primary school. He took an English language course in Arusha where he also attended Tumaini Guiding School. Largely a self educated man, Isaya continues to be a voracious reader, refreshing his knowledge of the wild world during his off time. He loves the Ngorongoro (NCA) where he first encountered foreigners in Tanzania and also spent time working. He loves to chat with guests and exchange stories about his life here and the natural history of his country. His favourite animal is Thompson’s gazelle for their quickness and colouring and he enjoys watching them in the wild. The lilac breasted roller is his favourite bird and in his down time he exercises, walks and reads. He’s married with two children and lives in Karatu.

Zakayo Msechu 

7Zakayo is also from the Chaga tribe and went to school near Kilimanjaro followed by tour guiding and language school in Arusha where he hopes to return at some point for continuing education. He is very happy in his job and loves being in the bush. He enjoys the hyena as a scavenger doing its part to keep the environment clean and finds the lilac breasted roller to be the most beautiful bird. The vast endless plains of the Serengeti is his favourite environment to share with visitors. In his off time his hobbies include watching Animal planet on TV and his favourite football team, Arsenal and the national team of Nigeria.


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